chore chart
Chore Chart

Is there a link between your time management challenges and your childhood? Are you having a hard time settling into a time management style that if effective? Could some old negative childhood memories about doing chores hinder you?

Do your challenges stem from the ones you had doing your chores as a kid? When you really think about it, there isn’t actually that much of a difference between the two.

How hard was it for your parents to get you motivated doing your chores? Did you find it hard to see the reason why you had to do your chores?

Sometimes parents have a hard time finding an appealing way of integrating a child’s innate wanting to help with doing chores and the satisfaction that comes from seeing a task through.

Associating chores with a monetary reward teaches children early that money comes from work, rather than just receiving an allowance that is not bound to actually doing some work.

Now it is time to look at those childhood chores differently. You are now in charge and the sooner you understand the power your have to make changes  to make your business grow faster.

I'm in charge
I’m in charge
  • The chores lists from your childhood have now become a tasks list for your business.
  • The daily chores list has morphed into your daily to-do list / schedule.

To make your daily to-do list even more effective turn it into a schedule. Why would I suggest that? There is actually a good reason behind this. An item on your schedule as a beginning and an end, it gives you a time frame to complete it in. To-do items usually don’t have a time frame attached.

business schedule
Business schedule

The key to making your schedule work is to be careful not to overload it or you will not want to do it.

Just like when you were a child, build some incentives into your schedule. If you don’t appreciate all the hard work you put in daily, who else will.

Patting yourself on your actual or virtual shoulder for a task well done and giving yourself a reward, makes you want to tackle the harder tasks even more as you enjoy the feeling of having satisfactorily accomplished the last one.

Every person is different, so you will have to experiment with a number of different ways to set up your tasks / chores and figure out if a to-do list works for your or if a schedule is more appropriate to your working style. One way or another:

An effective time management style will help you improve your bottom line and that is what business is all about. Now find your way to work less and make more money!

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