Marlies Cohen

Marlies Cohen

Do you find that there are just not enough hours in a day to get everything done?

magic wandNo magic wand needed to help you stop searching for ways to increase your productivity, improve your focus, overcome procrastination, get out of your own way, develop a strategy for planning, scheduling, prioritizing and delegating; and stay motivated.

Is there a trick to actually cram everything in a day?
Yes, to some extent there is a trick and it is very simple, but it involves making some changes.

Our unique simplify to improve your

Our unique Simplify to Improve your Growth and Success assessment takes a snapshot of what currently is and is not working. Based on this information we’ll set up a action plan to guide you and empower you on you on the way to achieving your vision.

Do you know that a flight from California to Hawaii is 99% of the time off-course, but with many minor course adjustments always ends up in Honolulu, Hawaii?

course corrections

Our action plan will become your guide showing you where minor course adjustments are necessary.

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