Marlies Cohen


How To Find Extra Hours To Get Everything Done

You’re a doer. An action taker. You’re a smart, motivated, and driven entrepreneur. Someone who does work that matters. You’re fiercely committed to creating the success your dream.

You have a clear vision for your life and your business. But one thing isn’t clear: Where to find the extra hours to get everything done.

You think that a having a goal is enough, but sadly that is often not enough. You need a vision of how you will feel and how you will be treated once you have achieved your goal. Will you be OK with that or does that not match your initial vision. A goal will not help you to keep going when times get tough whereas a vision will.

Dreaming about your future is a big thing. Making it happen is another.

I’ll help you integrate the new knowledge and awareness so that you can take action and change your life. Making new decisions and becoming a different version of your self is scary. The journey, however, is through and not around the scary part. Let’s do it together!

Hi, I’m Marlies CohenMarlies Time Management and Productivity Coach

I’m a resourceful business consultant who believes it’s ALL possible. I’m an insightful, intuitive, strategic planner with a passion for efficiency and strategy.

We’ll work together to find a time table and productivity strategy that suits you and allows you to become more productive and doesn’t require you to work long hours or make huge sacrifices to make it happen.

My life experience is the basis of for my consulting. I love helping people achieve their full potential. and getting unstuck.

My Journey Here

As a square peg that does not fit into a round hole, I realized early on that I had to forge my own path and that being a nonconformist meant, that I had to understand and figure out what made me and others tick. I realized that getting anywhere meant to have a strategy. I grew up thinking that everybody functions this way, but eventually clued in that this was not the case.

Growing up in Switzerland, where everything runs like clockwork, being on time, organized and productive was part of my school curriculum. Having a strategy and system for everything, both at work and at home, became a lifelong habit.

I am a polymath or as I call it a “Jill of all trades”. I have learned more since I finished school, than what I was taught in school. My learning style is “monkey see, monkey do”. That means I reverse engineer the final product to see how it was done and then set out to study the basics.

I love learning, but I never liked school. Now, thanks to the internet I can drill right down to the nitty gritty of a subject and then integrate it with everything I already know.

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be #Resourceful.