Are Your Habits Holding You Back from Success?

Are Your Habits Holding You Back from Success?

You make your habits and then your habits make you

Guest post by Rilind Elezaj, life coach at Animas Coaching.

Success is gradual, not spontaneous. It is a collection of thousands and thousands of good life choices, marred with many regrettable choices. To succeed, regrettable choices need to be minimal. That is why you must assess your daily habits at all times to ensure that you don’t pile up too many errors.

The greatest challenge with taking stock of your habits is that they mostly are deeply ingrained in your life; they are part of you. Sometimes you will call out other people on their bad habits without knowing that you too suffer from equally disgusting- if not more disgusting- habits. 

Working on your daily habits is the first step towards the right path of success and prosperity. If you wish to change for the better, you probably should consult with a life coach to challenge your habits and advice you on where to rectify – say experts at Animas Center for Coaching.

That is why you will benefit greatly by reading this article, as it gives you 7 of the most draining habits that you could be having unconsciously and that are probably hindering your growth and success. 

1. Seeking unnecessary approval

Parents have the tendency of training their young ones to seek approval from elders at all times. For every small step they make, they expect a tap on the back for a job well done. Every bad comment they get, their self-esteem goes down. Regrettably, this habit of seeking approval from others on every single thing in life never goes even after we grow up. Adults will always feel underappreciated because the boss doesn’t compliment them often enough, or because their life partners do not seem to appreciate their effort. In the long run, this habit hinders productivity and growth.

2. Encouraging the feeling of overwhelm 

Maybe you are stagnating in your job because you spend less time on yourself and more than necessary time on the job. After all, your job is too overwhelming to even afford an hour in the gym, right? You would be wrong. The most successful people dedicate a significant amount of time to themselves. Taking vacations, reading motivational material before work, working out regularly, and doing generally everything to remain healthy and happy. That enables them to be happy and productive at their workplace and in life as a whole. 

3. Procrastination

The day to ask for a pay rise is today. The day to quit that oppressive job is today. The day to make your financial plans is today. The day to start your business is today. Many people fail because they wait for the “right” time to act on their plans. Don’t be like them; take action and grab opportunities as they come. If you fail in one venture, you surely will succeed in another.

4. Perfectionism

Are you a perfectionist? If you are, then it’s time you dropped that habit. It is important to appreciate that you are human, your employees and everyone around you is human too, and we all have our limitations. Don’t expect too much from people because you will be disappointed. There isn’t a perfect job, business, career, family, or a perfect life. The key to success is doing your best and asking other people to fill in where you come short, and then leave what cannot be fixed to chance. 

5. Dwelling too much on non-priorities

What are your priorities in life? Are you thinking of going back to school? Do you wish to save time for a side hustle? Or are you watching too much TV and neglecting your loved ones? You need to discard whichever things that are preventing you from accomplishing your top priorities. If it is your computer or phone, keep it away. If it is you are drinking or partying too much, control that.

6. Overworking 

You see that department you work too hard to “save”? Well, it probably doesn’t need your savings. Don’t overwork to make things run smoothly because they will somehow sort themselves out even without your intervention. Always do your level best and then delegate the rest. Remember that if you die today, someone will sit in the desk you sit in today. So, stop overworking and instead create time for some other things.

7. Know-it-all attitude

You are well educated and connected, alright, but that doesn’t make you the custodian of all knowledge. Giving people a chance to challenge your knowledge and advise you occasionally is important for your growth. Even if someone is your junior in terms of career or age, you should never shoot them down when they try to air their opinions.

Rilind Elezaj

About Rilind Elezaj
Rilind Elezaj is a devoted career specialist at Animas Coaching, helping many students and people making the right career choice. He usually evaluates the individual’s background, training, and education in order to help and develop realistic goals and help guide them in choosing a profession or type of degree necessary to be successful. When he is not helping others, you can find her exploring the deepness of nature.

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