Intuition Is the GPS Of The Soul

Intuition Is the GPS Of The Soul

is your gps turned on
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Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 241

Intuition is the GPS of the soul. Is yours turned on?

~Albert Einstein


Why not working makes us feel guilty

Do you feel guilty when you take care of yourself instead of working?

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What is the 1 habit you can master in 10 minutes that will transform your life forever?

Very few habits are this easy to acquire but have such an impressive impact on your life.

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Above all to be motivated you have to know your WHY

Motivation: 21 Words that can change your life and 3 that will surprise you

  1. Motivation is contagious
  2. Motivation is a decision
  3. The foundation of motivation is love
  4. Motivation brings meaning to your life
  5. Motivation as a verb becomes your focal point
  6. Sometimes the only motivation you need is to take just one more step
  7. Motivation guides you to future success
  8. Filling your knowledge gap becomes a self-motivating driver
  9. Tragedy shows you are never alone and motivates you to keep going
  10. Experience something for the very first time is an unexpected motivator
  11. Motivation gives you the ability to endure suffering over long periods of time
  12. Faithfulness is a foundational motivator
  13. Willpower motivates you and causes you to take action for good or for bad
  14. Your actions are a powerful motivator
  15. Motivation gives you the strength to persevere in the midst of incredible difficulties.
  16. Laughter heals the soul
  17. Motivation urges you to continue regardless of how difficult the circumstances
  18. Motivation allows you stand in your truth and gives you a firm foundation to stand on
  19. A challenge motivates you to improve your daily productivity
  20. Motivation will give you a reason to grown and change
  21. Motivation is a daily guide towards your self-directed internal goals

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Embrace yourself in whatever situation you are.

6 Tips to maximize productivity when you have ADHD

The condition makes it difficult to concentrate and organize, but those with ADHD can still be high performers. The key is preparation.

  • Remember that everybody is unique
  • Use a time table to help you stay organized
  • Apply the 2 minute rule: If a task takes less than two minutes, do it right now.
  • Take your notes by hand to retain the information better.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep

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TEDTalk by Hannah Gadsby: Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or, not?

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