If you don’t know where to start …

If you don’t know where to start …


Is there an easy solution? Do you have trouble starting because you have no clue where to begin or is the goal just too intimidating for you?

Every journey or goal starts with the first step. You do not get to the end the first day. Achieving the main objective is often overwhelming and stops you in your tracks. So, how do you work around this? Break down your goals into easy and simple steps that you can easily accomplish. By starting small you and with something you know you can do, the pressure is off and you overcome the resistance that will hold you captive in in-action.

Tell yourself to just do something, anything is better than doing nothing. If you are ambitious you can start with bigger steps, but if you are literally shaking in your boots, because you are afraid, then start with something simple you already know how to do, rather than having to learn it as you go along, this will give you confidence that you actually can achieve your goal.

Can you imagine what your business and your life will look like if you would only work for 45 minutes of uninterrupted time on your goal every day? You will see an increase of inquires about your business, product or service, your revenue is steadily climbing and your are feeling proud and more confident and successful.

And all that because you gave it your all for 45 minutes every day and every day you built on what you did the day before. You go from novice, to intermediate to master and all without stress. You are progressing at your own pace, not because you have to, but because you want to.

45 minutes
45 minutes

So what is the setup? I sounds too simple to work, there must be some magic trick for it to work, but no magic trick is involved.

  • Every day you work uninterrupted for 45 minutes on a task that will bring you closer to your goal.
  • After the 45 minutes are up, you move on to another task and do not think about it again until the next day, but while you are working on this task you eliminate all thoughts of other things you need or should do.
  • Never skip ahead and do another important task because the one you are working on is too difficult, too boring or not what you feel like doing. Work through those feelings by taking just one step. Little children can’t run before they can stand and walk.

After about 21 days this will have become such a habit, that you would feel that you are missing something if you would not do it. Also you would have spent 15.75 hours on working towards you goal and seeing the positive results might even give you the incentive to double the time you spend working on your task to achieve your goal. You will have started a self-fulfilling habit that will propel you further than you could have ever imagined.

That means after a year of working 45 minutes every day for

  • 5 days a week / 3.75 hours
  • approximately 20 days a month / 15 hours
  • approximately 260 days a year / 195 hours

you worked these hours for the sole purpose of achieving your goal. Congratulations.

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated, other times you are actually looking forward to that special time. Make sure you give yourself a reward every so often for sticking with this routine or when you have achieved a milestone. Telling others about your habit or working with an accountability partner will make it easier to stick to the plan.

I would love to hear from you about your results with this system. Please leave a comment below or contact me if you need help.