Failure Is Not Who You Are

Awesome Productivity Tips – #190: Self-Development – calculate costs and benefits in terms of time; Habits – understand the power of no; Strategy – goals don’t replace systems; Procrastination – you need bigger goals; Inspiration – save your mental energy for what really matters.

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

Awesome Productivity Tips – #189: Time Management – Discover how to hack your productivity; Mindset – why willpower alone won’t make you productive; Success – try out these 12 success habits; Productivity – attention management is you key to improved productivity; Inspiration – TED Talk about multiplying your time.

Don’t Forget to Make a Life

Awesome Productivity Tips – #185: Time management – Don’t fall into the being busy trap: Mindset – Are you an overthinker? Success – Read how the world’s most successful people start their day; Productivity – 7 tips to change the way you work; Inspiration – Tony Robbins about feeling lost