Manage Your Life

Awesome Productivity Tips – #201: Time Management: time is not money; Habits:why you should be a lifelong learner; Strategy: your priorities make you less productive; Productivity: Why you need to audit how your use your time; Inspiration: the best way to declutter your mind


Today I am celebrating publishing Issue 200 of Awesome Productivity Tips – Self-development: one thing to predict your future; Mindset: what are the right goals to be most productive; Success: doing uncomfortable things make you successful; Procrastination: why you should take action; Inspiration Ric Elias Ted Talk – 3 things I learned while my plane crashed

Keep Going

Awesome Productivity Tips – #198: Self-Development: 10 tips; Habits: Small habits are easier to keep; Strategy: Why you need a success partner; Productivity: It’s OK to be messy; Inspiration: Cancel your :” how was your day question” to these

Prepare For Lucky Moments

Awesome Productivity Tips – #197: Time management: when you’re stuck in a rut – tinker with your routine; Mindset: slow down and be in the moment; Strategy: 20 habits of frugal people; Procrastination: 5 tips to get more done; Inspiration: TED Talk by Scott Galloway