You Hold The Key

Awesome Productivity Tips – #209: Time Management – – tips for disorganized people; Habits – infographic to make changes; Motivation – there is momentum in your habits; Productivity – 28 tips from successful people, Inspiration – Shekhar Kapur about creative inspiration

Be Lead By Your Dreams

Awesome Productivity Tips – #208: Self-development – how to achieve mental toughness, Mindset – Simple mind exercises may help burnout, Success – 27 Simple ways highly successful people get ahead of everyone else, Productivity – 5 ways to make your workplace more productive, Inspiration – Shlomo Benartzi: Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

Change Your Perspective to Deal with Emotional Pain

Awesome Productivity Tips – #207: Time Management – there is no system that fits everybody, Habits – habit can rewire your mind to accomplish more, Success – I don’t recommend multi-tasking, but I do recommend the Workona Chrome extension mentioned in this article, Productivity – If it takes less than 2 minutes to do, do it right away, Inspiration – why dieting does not work by Sandra Aamodt

Change The Changeable

Awesome Productivity Tips – #206: Self-development – No one knows anything without this, Mindset – Fear to fearless, Strategy – 10 productivity tricks, Procrastination – How to break your procrastination habit, Inspiration – Your genes are not your fate

You Attract Who You Are

Awesome Productivity Tips – #203: Time Management – Focus on what’s important and not what’s urgent ; Habits – The best way to stop feeling bad about yourself ; Success – 3 vital traits to success; Productivity – Be clear on what to work on next; Inspiration – Emily Balcetis TED Talk, why some people find exercise harder than others.