I am not sure that’s what it is called, but from my own experience I really believe that a 72 hour Enthusiasm Cycle exists.

72 hour enthusiasm cycle
strike while the iron is hot

Looking back just over this year so far, there were a number of times that I got totally excited about a product, a process, event or a recipe.

  • Sometimes I jumped right in and did something about it and got a lot of benefit from it.
  • Other times I let a day go by and then the next day had all the intention of checking things out further, but I still did not take action.
  • By the third day my enthusiasm was just about gone and unless I took immediate action it ended up in the would have been great bin.
  • By the fourth day, I did not even remember what the fuss was all about.

Then some time down the line that same or similar product, process, event or recipe comes into view again, almost like the universe is telling me to pay attention this time around as there is something important in there for me. I have been given a second chance and better take it this time.

As the saying goes: “Strike the iron while it is hot” because you can’t forge cold iron.

Other times it is worth looking through your notes to see if there is something you missed taking action on, because you were not ready, timing was not right or you were too busy to pay attention.

So the next time something comes across your field of vision either take action immediately or write it down for future action.

I would love to hear from you. Am I the only one this happens to? How do you deal with these things? Please leave a comment below.