focus determins your reality

Does this sound like you?

I am motivated and focused, but I still struggle to stick to my resolutions and now I am one of the 95% of people who have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions. What can I do?

Making goals is really easy, but reaching them if often more difficult. The reason is that you know what you want and what you don’t want, but don’t know the best way to get there. You are something missing, but what?

Do you focus on your goal alone or focus also on the underlying habits and systems to achieve your goal?

Habits are repeatable actions that you do on automatic, you don’t even have to think about it. Combine a number of habits and you have a system. Systems become your blueprint to follow to reach your goal.

Reaching your goals without a system of underlying habits in place is often hit and miss and leads to much frustration and wasted time.

That does not mean that having goals is not worth it, not at all. I look at goals as your destination on a map. There is, however, one thing the map does not tell you and that is how to get there.

Following a system, your blueprint, will guide you step by step to your goal. The results will be consistent as you end up with the same or very similar result every time you use it.

Repeating this process over and over let’s you understand what works and where you should make some tweaks to make the system even more efficient.


system to reaching your goals

  • Focus and set your goal
  • Create a system based on your habits to create a step by step blueprint
  • This is the process/method to reach your goal, don’t expect immediate results
  • Set intermediate goals so that you can see results along the way. This will give you feedback on what is working and what not
  • Make adjustments and improvements constantly
  • Fall in love with your systems and you will look forward to reaching every goal you set


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