Yearly Reviews

Generally we are inclined to do our business review at the end of the year and that means

  • Looking back over the ending year
  • Evaluating if you have achieved your goals or not
  • Figuring out why you slipped up?

The result is that you have to make major adjustments, which are often painful, expensive and time consuming.

To make this process more efficient, you could do

Monthly Reviews

What if you did your reviews monthly instead? Monthly reviews cover a much shorter time frame and allow you could catch your mistakes earlier. Being able to make minor adjustments instead of major painful ones. Have you ever contemplated this scenario?

With monthly reviews you are always on top of the situation and have your finger on the pulse of your business. Monthly reviews also take much less time and give you instant feedback and allow you to celebrate your monthly achievements.

Consider if you could apply the strategies that helped you achieve your monthly goal to the goals you did not manage to achieve? What did you do that worked and what did you to that did not?

Give it a try the next month and see what will happen. If the changes worked, keep on refining it over the coming months.

Doing only a yearly review makes it easy to miss the small points that were telling you, you just got off track?


How to reach more goals

  • Create a yearly calendar of what you want to achieve
  • Break down yearly calendar into monthly segments

This way you have 12 small celebration and one large yearly one. The key point is to celebrate your achievements.

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