Stop Saying You’re Afraid

Stop Saying You’re Afraid

words are mighty powerful

Being afraid makes you hesitate.
Your mindset empowers your fears and stops you from succeeding.
Words are mighty powerful.

It is time to shift your fearful words and thoughts to empowering words and thoughts.

You might not say it out loud that you’re scared, but you think it. Imagine what could happen if you changed that word to an empowering one.

“Capability is not a measure of how many times you’ve succeeded. It’s a measure of how often you’ve failed and kept going.”

~Chris Ducker
  • You messed up in the past, but now you’re not afraid to try again. So embrace it and say this instead full of pride: I am capable!
  • You know that your timing is right to make changes. You are ready to help the right people because there is only one of you with your specific abilities. Announce to the world that you are not afraid and that You are ready!
  • You are itching to get going and overflowing with ideas and no longer afraid. Use this phrase instead: I am inspired!
  • When you’re called to become a better version of yourself you are actively pursuing new opportunities, use this phrase instead. I am in demand!
  • When you feel that the fast-changing world around you is leaving you behind, own it and say: I am summoned!

Replace FEAR and start saying that you’re capable, ready, inspired, in demand and summoned


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