Where Has Time Gone?

Where Has Time Gone?


Is it time for a course direction?

Where has time gone? The first part of the year is already over. Is it time to evaluate how you have done? Are you celebrating your achievements or are you frustrated by what did not work.

Either way it is never too late to make changes to make the second half of the year your best ever.

Ask yourself if  your goals are still aligned with your plan from the start of the year or have they changed? There is nothing wrong with changing your mind, but you have to be totally sure of it.

It is so easy to forget that every day is a new day full of promise. You can’t carry forward the unused time from yesterday, but you can structure your current day in such a way that it will exceed your expectations.

Small Steps

If you are struggling and frustrated, consider the one thing you can change that will lead you closer to your goal today, rather than making drastic changes.

Goal Setting

Did you set your goal too high, but what does that mean? When you set your goal too low there is no challenge, but setting your goal too high a goal creates an unrealistic challenge that is just out of your reach.

The right goal is achievable and at the same time provides just the right challenge to keep you growing.

goal challenge

Ask for Help

As a small business owner or solopreneur it is often difficult to find your way through the maze. That’s when it is time to ask for help or work with a coach who can help you find a new perspective. After all that’s what the top athletes do. It does not mean that you are weak, rather the opposite.

life preserver

Working with a Coach

To get the most from working with a coach, have a plan and prepare a list of the goals you want to achieve and break them down into individual parts and time segments.

  • Be very clear about your goals
    • Imagine how your life will look once you have achieved your goals
  • What is the time frame for each goal?
  • Ask yourself if you really have to do something yourself or if you can outsource it
    • Your are not superman or superwoman and don’t have magic powers
  • Asking for help or working with a coach can actually be much more cost effective than you imagined

Preparing a list will allow you to be off to a fast start.

Be Proactive

This past week my kitchen faucet started leaking and the water turn off valves did not work. What a mess, doing dishes in the laundry sink is no fun. When the plumber finally came, I had already bought new turn of valves and a new faucet. It made the upgrade so much faster.

It is never, never too late to make course corrections

I am looking forward to assisting you with the planning for achieving your goals.

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Do you reassess your progress on a periodic basis?
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