traditional elevator pitch vs elephant pitch
traditional elevator pitch vs elephant pitch

What’s your elevator pitch? Is it the traditional pitch or the elephant pitch?

Are you struggling with creating an effective pitch? It does not matter if it is for your website, a product or a JV partner, your elevator pitch has to grab your prospect’s attention.

Definition of Elevator Pitch:
“a succinct and persuasive sales pitch”

It does not matter what you call it, elevator pitch, elevator speech or elevator spiel, its one purpose is to garner interest in what you have to offer in the shortest amount of time.

I was struggling coming up with a good elevator pitch when I came across a presentation by Adam Urbanski where he was talking about the traditional elevator pitch and the elephant pitch. I had never heard the second expression and was intrigued to hear the explanation of the elephant pitch.

In a nutshell the traditional elevator pitch is usually about you and your services or product(s). The elephant pitch is about your prospects and wants to get their attention.

Traditional Elevator Pitch vs Elephant Pitch from Marlies Cohen SlideShare

Download the PDF version by clicking on the link:  Elevator vs Elephant Pitch

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