Do you use overwhelm as an excuse for non-action? How do you get yourself unstuck when you are clueless to what to do next or even what to do at all.

There is a very simple solution to deal with it. Any time you feel like that, just ask yourself:

“What is the ONE thing you can do right NOW to improve the situation?”

what is the one thing?
what is the one thing?

There is no right or wrong move. There are no mistakes. Everything is an opportunity to learn from.

So, taking action always moves you forward and out of trouble. When you are truly stuck and overwhelmed and have absolutely no idea what to do in the moment, just do something, anything. While you are doing, you might get an inkling of what you should be doing to improve your situation. Now start doing that. You might want to write it down and create a plan around it of how to achieve the goal and improve your situation.

Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone, because when you are talking and your thoughts flow, you stimulate your brain to come up with solutions that have previously eluded you.

Going for a walk can also help. Have you ever noticed that it is easier to talk on the phone while walking around the room. This action has 2 benefits. You exercise your body and your brain at the same time.

Just after I posted this article, I came across this image on Facebook. It expresses exactly what I talked about.

just be willing

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