What is mastery and why is mastery important for entrepreneurs and how do you achieve it? If you want to be looked at as an expert by others, you have to know your stuff. In other words you have to be a Master.

First – What is mastery?

  1. command; grasp:
    a mastery of Italian
  2. superiority; dominance:
    mastery over one’s enemies.
  3. expert skill or knowledge.
  4. possession of skillful technique.

Second – How do you achieve mastery?

This quote from Brendan Burchard sums it up very nicely: “Continuity of learning

The continuity of learning
The continuity of learning

I read some place that to become a master/expert at something one has to have 10,000 hours of experience and study of the subject. I am not sure, I quite agree with that number, but the longer you have studied a subject or worked with it the more you are a master of it.

Looking back over my lifetime, I have discovered that I have probably learned more in the 40 years since I finished school than I learned in school. School taught me the basics and I then went out studied what I needed to learn or what interested me. As an example, I love working with the computer, but apart from a 3 hour introduction to WordPerfect, I have never taken an official course. I like to study on my own through books and online at my own pace.

My father-in-law once told me that once you leave school you don’t have to learn anymore. We had a big argument about it when I said that you only stop learning when you die. Maybe it had to do with his generation or he just hated going to school so much.

In today’s world with access to so many resources online, books and schools it is well worth it to keep learning new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. When I look at the successful people I follow I discovered that they are lifelong learners.

When I came across this quote from Socrates, I realized that even at the time of the Greeks studying and learning new skills  was highly valued and as a shortcut he suggested learning from others who have gone before you and have laid the groundwork for you to follow and improve upon.

Employ Your Time
Employ Your Time

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