This article on the Entrepreneur website got me thinking. It is based on Tom Corley’s book: Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals

Do you do things the way you do because you have always done it this way or because you have found that it is the most productive way for you to do it?

21 habits to achieve wealth and success

For me the easiest thing is to keep on doing things the way I always have, but that does not always lead to the best results. Then it sometimes becomes really hard to make changes, because it takes about 21 days to form a new habit.

It is easy to make changes to the new way for the first few days, but then we often fall off the wagon. You really have to want to make the change because the end result will make your life so much more satisfying, fuller and richer. When you have that vision and goal in mind, you can’t but help do it the new way.

The 21 Habits

So what are these effective habits that bring you wealth and success?

  1. Setting good daily habits
  2. Regularly creating goals
    “Have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. with a plan on how to achieve them. Also hold yourself accountable.”
  3. Engaging in self-improvement daily
  4. Regularly taking care of personal health
  5. Often making time for relationship building
    “Make it a goal to learn the names of every contact you meet.” 
  6. Doing things in moderation
  7. Getting things done
  8. Keeping a positive outlook
  9. Regularly saving money
    “Give away 10% of what your earn and invest 10% to update your skills and education.”
  10. Rejecting self-limiting thoughts
  11. Living within means
  12. Reading daily
    “Read 30 minutes every day.”
  13. Limiting TV watching
  14. Doing more than what’s required
  15. Talking less and listening more
    “That’s why people have two ears and one mouth.”
  16. Not giving up
  17. Spending time with like-minded one
  18. Finding a mentor
  19. Knowing your why
    “Ask yourself why do you want to be successful? Why do you really want to be wealthy?”
  20. Not giving fear the upper hand
  21. Upgrading skills

Read the original article with all the tips at the Entrepreneur website.

Achieve Wealth and Success with these 21 Habits

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