how to avoid burnout
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It’s no secret that running a business is incredibly difficult. As an entrepreneur, the success of your venture and your happiness can depend on the work you do every day. That’s why it can seem so necessary to work overtime, all the time. Many entrepreneurs struggle with developing a healthy work-life balance, and without time for rest, it’s easy to feel burnt out. Taking time to yourself each week can help you stay positive, confident, and motivated to succeed. Every new stage of business brings its own challenges, and possibility of burnout. Thankfully, there are a few key practices to keep in order to avoid burnout.

Do your best to develop healthy boundaries. Learn when to take time to yourself, and when to say no to a project that’s not right for you. Even if you’re responsible for the overall success of the company, this doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself, all the time. Delegate tasks or turn down work that isn’t a fit. If the work absolutely has to get done, try outsourcing until you can hire more permanent employees. Develop strategies to mentally check out at the end of the day, to give your brain time away from the tasks.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Whether you’re stuck on figuring out how to get your idea off the ground, or you’re not sure what your next big move should be, you can always ask others for help. The most successful business owners go to their mentors for guidance and their team for feedback.

If you’re feeling just plain unmotivated, take some time to reflect on why you started. Was it for more freedom? Greater opportunities? To be able to give back, or support the ones you care about? Reconnect with your original motivations.  Not only that, but do your best not to get too caught up in the results, rather than enjoying the process.

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