It’s almost the middle of January already and by the 15th 95% of the people who made New Year Resolutions have already given up. This motivation video by Tony Robbins might just ignite the fire again.

Remember it’s not what you get that makes you happy, it’s who you become and what you are able to give that creates the deepest meaning.

The 4 Steps from the video

with some of my thoughts about the 4 steps.

What area in your life do you really want to improve. Which area needs an overhaul? Think about it. Is it:

  • Your body
  • Your career
  • Your relationships
    • with your spouse
    • with your kids
    • the spiritual side of your life
  • Your finances

Step 1

Select and area of your life you would like to improve and describe what that area is like for you currently.
Be specific!

Write down truthfully the way the situation currently is and the rituals that have put you there.

Step 2

Write down the rituals that have shaped your current conditions in this area.
Be honest!


  • what you eat or don’t
  • how active you are or not
  • how you sleep or don’t sleep
  • the lack of variety or spice or energy or focus in an area

There is something you are doing and it is usually not just one thing, but a bunch of little things that you do consistently.

  • What are consistently thinking about in any area of your life?
  • Do you focus on what you don’t have or want and get yourself in a state of overwhelm?
  • Are you thinking of all the things you cannot control?

Step 3

Write down what you want. What is your compelling vision?
Be specific!

Step 4

  • What are the rituals the will get you your compelling vision (that will get you there)
  • What would you need to do differently each day to get what you want?

A ritual is something that you do consistently. Usually at a specific time so it become automatic. It becomes a habit.

Start working on the 4 steps and change your life. You can run out of willpower, but if you have a habit it can last a lifetime.

Little changes lead to small successes that encourage you to try the same in other areas of your life like an avalanche starts with a snowball and grows to encompass huge areas.

Make small incremental changes this year and you will change your life.

There are only 2 pains in life:
the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces, regret weights tons. ~Jim Rohn


Please tell me you deal with keeping your New Year’s Resolutions. Write it in the comment box below ▼