hypnotic spiralSometimes it is difficult not to be drawn to “shiny objects”, but they consume time that you should spend on your business. What is one to do? This slide presentation from Rich Schefren helps you sort out if you should pursue that “shiny object” or not.

  1. Is it a PROVEN shiny object?
  2. Does it make sense within the frame of my current business vision – with what I hope to achieve for myself and my customers?
  3. What are the associated trade-offs? What are the costs I will incur relative to the payoff I can expect?
  4. Will it enhance my present process of achieving my goals? Or will it unnecessarily complicate things?
  5. Will it actually simplify my work toward my goals, or does it simply add to my workload?
  6. Will it require any arbitrary change in direction from my essential steps?

For the other 5 points read the slideshow below


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