money tipsWhen an article or information comes more than once across my field of vision, I view it to mean that I should pay attention. This was the case with money expert Nicole Lapin. The two articles offer wonderful tips to become more in charge of your financial situation.

I first came across her “6 money tips to live a rich life” while reading this month’s Success magazine over the weekend.

I especially like tip #5 from the magazine article:

“Behold the new LBD. Instead of a little black dress, it’s a “little budget diary.” Yes, you can indulge in little luxuries that make you happy, but you still need to track them. Keep tabs on small expenditures throughout your day so you can see where the money goes.”

Then this morning I came across this Slideshare presentation
with 10 tips for getting your financial life together.

My favorite tip is #8

“Everything is negotiable”

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