Accept Change With a Smile

Accept Change With a Smile

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 6 productivity tips

Accept change with a smile.
~Max Steingart


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Success Strategies –

When you feel that you are not successful, stop and re-evaluate the situation. You might simple not see problem at first…
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Strategic Planning –

Success in business and in life are very much interlinked…
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Motivation –

Do you know that certain behaviors kill your motivation? Check out what they are…
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Don’t let procrastination get so far that you panic because of a looming deadlines…
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Inspiration Friday –

31 Quotes To Inspire You To Live For Meaning Instead Of Money …


Do you live to work or work to live? When I grew up in Switzerland it was said that people in the French and Italian speaking parts of the country worked to live and the people in the German speaking part lived to work. Which category do you fall into?

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