Freedom Is Being You Without Anyone’s Permission

Freedom Is Being You Without Anyone’s Permission

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 234

be yourself without anyone's permission
Image by Ganapathi Brahm from Pixabay

Freedom is being you without anyone’s permission


“Get rid of things you no longer need.”

15 things you can do in your daily life to boost your personal growth

These are just 5 of the 15 things. Can you add more? Then leave a comment.

  • Make sure you have some down time, put it on your schedule
  • Practice mindful eating, maybe set a timer
  • Challenge yourself
  • Let go of toxic people
  • Practice self-care

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Your weaknesses are usually the shadow side of your strengths

Kevin Kruze

Is there a danger of having a growth mindset?

Have you ever considered that learning can become a form of procrastination?

A growth mindset is a great thing; learning is a good thing. But don’t let learning become the thing itself.

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When you get an internal sense of what’s right, just go do it. Act, and then see what happens. Adjust your actions depending on the results that you get.

Rob Liu

Your intuition and how to trust your gut

You have that gut feeling for a reason. It is time to learn its language.

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What makes some people more productive than others?

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I used the summary tips from the article and made a PDF of it – download the PDF here


How to lead a conversation between people who disagree | Ted TALK by Eve Pearlman

If you have ever wondered how you can bring opposing parties together, check out this Ted TALK show you how.

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