What Do Success and Failure Have  In Common?

What Do Success and Failure Have In Common?

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 233

what have success and failure in common
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Success and failure have one thing in common. They are both a state of mind.

Time Management 

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the globally recognised definition of insanity.”

A revolutionary new approach to time management every woman needs to know

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10 daily habits that are sabotaging your productivity and success

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6 Ways More Sleep Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

I never knew how important sleep is to succeed at work until I came across so many sleep articles.

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“People procrastinate because of a lack of value associated with the task; because they expect that they’re not going to achieve the value they’re trying to achieve; because the value is too far from you in terms of time; or because you’re very impulsive as a person.” ~Alexander Rozental

5 Tips for overcoming procrastination and feeling overwhelmed

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Ted TALK by Dan Gilbert | If You’re Feeling Negative: The Surprising Science of Happiness 

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