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Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 217

Start deciding what you are for, not what you are against.

Time Management 

Your perfect day! How to allocate your hours for maximum productivity

How much time do you devote to planning and preparation versus taking action? This information is very insightful.

Do you know we offer a time audit session? Let’s talk.

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3 powerful hacks to stop overthinking so you can start living again

I can totally relate to this article. Discover what those 3 hacks are, they are actually quite simple. We are always trying so hard to change ourselves and then fail. It’s time to accept who we are and then turn this liability into an asset.

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“Enlightenment is eliminating mental confusion, eliminating hatred, jealousy, mental toxins, cravings. That’s very simple and straightforward. Whether you can do it or not is another matter.”

~Matthieu Ricard

Want to be happy? Slow down

As a child walking to school I discovered that when I walked really fast, I didn’t make it to school a lot earlier. It is like the car that passes you going way over the speed limit. Then at the next stop sign or light, he is only 3 cars ahead of you.

Have you experienced the same thing? I am curious to know. Leave a comment below

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Stop beating yourself up about procrastination

Do you know why you procrastinate? Once you have found the root, work on turning it into a positive.

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7 Entrepreneurship Quotes to Live By 

entrepreneurship quote

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