Be afraid and do it anyway
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Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 214

Be afraid and do it anyway!


“Your personality is your relationship with yourself. It isn’t what shapes your behavior. Your behavior is what shapes your personality. Change your behavior, change your personality.”

How to ensure your future is greater than your past

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“You save by cutting out useless things you do daily or weekly. Save on the small things. They will turn into big lumps of cash in time.“

10 Small habits that have a huge return on life

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Do something you enjoy. Start your day with something that matters to you. When you enjoy what you are doing people pick up on it.

Five motivational tips for entrepreneurs

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“Stop spending major time on minor things.”

5 Habits of the most productive people on the planet

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How to find unstoppable persistence in the face of failure

In this short video Polina Raygorodskaya explains how.

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