do small things in a great way
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Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 211

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

Time Management 

5 Effective techniques for correct time management

I have tried many of the techniques in this post and now use my own mix which is a hybrid of them all. I would like to know what you are using. Leave a comment below. 

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Find Your Win

This article focuses on the year end and preparing for the new year, but you can do this any time of the year to see what is working and where you need to make some changes.

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30 ways to develop better workout habits that stick.

I know this is for working out, but all these habits apply just as well to your work. Here are 15 ways of the 30.

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Meditate in the morning to start your day energized.
  3. Write down your schedule for the day. A schedule shows your start and ending time of a task or exercise.
  4. Figure out your quick wins, the task you can do to make you feel you accomplished something already.
  5. Keep home workout options
  6. Keep a daily log. It’s so easy to forget what you have done.
  7. Enlist an accountability partner. I’d love to be your accountability partner. DM me.
  8. Use visualization
  9. Stick to one habit at a time. Multitasking just does not work. Really!
  10. Know your why. It keeps you motivated.
  11. Address your stress.
  12. Eliminate distractions
  13. Figure out your food.
  14. Look at what’s holding you back.
  15. Work with a coach

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8 Productivity tips you’ve never heard of

Great video and fantastic tips by Ben Angel.

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Feeling Stuck? Try This Simple Problem-Solving Technique

Watch this short and to the point video in less than 3 minutes.

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