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Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 210

When you BLAME others, you give up your power to GROW.


Try this 10-minute routine that will increase your memory and creativity

This article has powerful content. Are you ready to learn what that magic component is become more creative and improve your memory?

“Emile Coue pointed out that, ‘When the imagination and the will are in conflict, the imagination always wins.’ If you ‘will’ yourself to remember, and your imagination is not on the task, you will have zero retention and recall. Your imagination is the place of all your memory power.”

~Emile Coué

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There are 7 signs your personality is so unique that most people find you intimidating

It’s OK not to be like everybody around you. Discover why,  here are 3 sign. Read the full article for all 7 signs.

  • Don’t let fear rule your life
  • Don’t spend all your time talking about yourself
  • Don’t seek attention from people

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Forget time management: do this instead: 7 Steps for practising personal and professional self-management

I am always surprised by how many of these tips are repeated over and over in various forms when it comes to time management advice. After over 200 weekly tips I have gathered quite a lot of time management and success ideas. Have quick look to see what I mean.

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18 proven ways to stay focused that increase productivity

When you are stuck, that’s the time to take charge of you energy and time and figure out what your main focus is and if there are parts you just have to let go.

Making changes is not easy, but here is one quick tip that will get the ball rolling:

“Make a small change in your routine.
That could be the way you dress,
the way you style your hair,
the food you eat or the time you eat.”

~Marlies Cohen

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smartphone detox

What happened when Julian Hayes went 60 days without his smartphone —and what unexpected things he learned

I am one of those people who’s not hooked on my smartphone. I just don’t want to be available 24/7. So when I came across this article I found it very interesting and can totally relate to it.

Are you curious why committing to a smartphone detox could bring unexpected dividends in your life?

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