Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 204

Believing in your self is the first secret to success.

believe in yourself
Image by Angela Yuriko Smith from Pixabay


Consider these 5 things that stand between you and your work-life balance 

  • Being your own worst critic
  • Know your priorities
  • Getting things done effectively
  • Schedule some personal time
  • Strike a work / life balance
improve your work-live balance

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What is the most important mental shift you need to increase your productivity?

  • Do you wait for conditions to be just right to do it?
  • Consider starting with the goal, then create a plan and next a schedule
  • Be flexible enough to make changes

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How to get your big break? Know that your big break is never coming, you have to create it. Instead, do this:

  • Take small steps
  • Work on your skills when no one is watching
  • Dare fail

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4 amazing secrets to being productive no matter your schedule

These are just 2 ideas to stay productive

  • We are creatures of habit, develop a routine
  • When your workday is over, it’s over period.

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How to live to be 100+TED Talk by Dan Buettner


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