Practice > Prepare > Be Patient

Practice > Prepare > Be Patient

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 196

Practice, prepare, be patient.

~Jeff Goins
practice > prepare > be patient
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Creating great habits through self-improvement

  • Bite-sized goals allow you to achieve more faster
  • Make reading 30 minutes a day a habit
  • Don’t fret what you still have to do, look back and see how much you’ve already done
  • Avoid being your own worst enemy by letting poor discipline let you down.

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“You don’t always have full control over your workday, but you can make the most of your day to help you improve your life and accomplish your work goals.”

~Thomas Oppong

Habits you should adopt immediately to improve the quality of your life in the next 90 days

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“The key to motivation is giving advice, not receiving it.”

Psychologists have surprising advice for people who feel unmotivated

Please share how you stay motivated

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24 Little-Known Google Drive Features that’ll boost your productivity [Infographic]

google drive power user

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actions matter
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6 brutally honest reasons why your intentions don’t matter, but your actions do

  • You’re defined by how you treat people, not by how you justify your treatment of them
  • You’re defined by the people you surround yourself with, not by your excuses for keeping the wrong people around
  • You’re defined by your beliefs, not by why you believe them

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