Failure Is Not Who You Are

Failure Is Not Who You Are

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 190

Failure is an event, not who you are

~Mel Robbins
Why reading is a good guide to what makes a good day. Implement what you read


Can you relate to this article “the biggest mistake I made in my life”

  • Start calculating “costs” and “benefits” in terms of time
  • Try to be more aware of falling into habits and default behavior
  • Start the day by paying yourself first

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15 Daily Habits highly successful people have (and the rest of us probably don’t). The people who achieve the most in life don’t conduct themselves like everyone else

  • Put your body and soul first
  • Tune out distractions
  • Do the boring stuff uncommonly well
  • Listen
  • Get out of the office
  • Understand the power of no

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Goals don’t replace systems - and vice versa

  • You need goals to know the direction you’re going.
  • Goals drive your progress.
  • Systems tell you the steps you have to take to achieve your goals.

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You Don’t Need To Read Another Book. You Need A Bigger Goal.

  • Do you love to read books?
  • Do you learn from what you read?
  • Most importantly do you apply what you read and what you have learned?

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Want to save your mental energy for the stuff that really matters? Set a decision budget.

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