Be the Person You Would Like to Meet

Be the Person You Would Like to Meet

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 184

be the person you would like to meet

Be the person you would like to meet.


“When it comes to decluttering and minimizing, there are many ways to go about it.”

Could living with less make you happier and wealthier?

Do you feel that it is time to live with less? You might find it hard to let go of your possessions, but think about this:

My mom passed away in September and I was tasked to close down her estate. Even though she only recently had moved to a senior complex and downsized from her condo, I was amazed at how much stuff she still had. It really made me think and I have started to reduce what I have.

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“Do you feel ill-at-ease or uncomfortable when you accidentally leave your smartphone in the car or at home, have no service or have a broken phone?”

Concerns are growing that too much screen time can damage adults’ health. Are you married to your phone? Here’s how to grab some control.

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The harder you make it to become distracted, the more your mind will stay focused.
Here are Seven Methods to help you stay focused

  • You can’t control what kind of focus your brain is using. But there are ways to get your focus back as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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“As humans, we’re not excellent at delayed gratification,”

~Dr. Gratias

What’s Microproductivity? Ever even heard the word? It is the small habits that will lead you to big wins.
Each person has their own productivity style. What works well for one person might backfire for another. You have to find your own style.

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5 Inspirational tips from My ‘Day in the Life of Steve Jobs’

This is just a summary in my words of the 5 tips:

  • Who inspires you?
  • Embrace a challenge
  • Go for your vision
  • Don’t do it alone
  • Don’t stop reading and learning

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