Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 180

show your results

Never tell anyone your plans. Show them your results instead.


5 steps to change your reality now!

  • Pay attention to your self-talk

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Fixed mindset vs growth mindset: your success hinges on it

  • If you have a growth mindset, you’re much more likely to be successful.
  • A fixed mindset will lead you to avoid challenges because they can make you feel inferior.
  • It’s all about perspective – that’s your mindset.

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Deciding in advance when and where you will take specific actions to reach your goal can double or triple your chances for success.

— Heidi Grant Halvorson, Columbia University professor

A simple way to actually stick to your goals (and why you don’t need motivation to do it)

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Productivity tips and tricks: all nicely listed in one place.

  • Task switching works best if you have a list of tasks ready to go. 
  • Be mindful of the notifications that appear on your computer or phone.
  • Find a task you have procrastinated over and break it down into the smallest possible chunks, then add just the first task to your to-do list and get it done.

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This Stanley Cup Champion’s Key to Success: Make sure you’re having fun.
New York Rangers great Adam Graves tips on giving back and finding meaningful wins in life.

  • It’s about creating memories
  • Tap into your inner courage
  • Build on your success
  • Learn about risk vs. reward
  • Hold onto happy memories
  • Indulge your passion

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