Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 173

stress is a perception

“Stress is a thought, a perception, a point of view. Stop worrying. Worrying is toxic. Just let go.” ~Mark Hyman, MD

Time Management

Why You Really Don’t Have a Time Management Problem
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“People who think they have time management problems really have priority management problems, which means, at root, they have self-management problems.”


Why making a to-do list is more important than following a to-do list? Have you ever thought about this? The act of writing it is enough to be so much more effective and easy to come back to in your head …
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“Making the list and seeing it physically on a piece of paper or a phone is so much more important than being one to repeatedly follow a list.”


The Lost Art of Shutting The F**k Up. “Nobody wants to understand you. They want to feel like you understand them.”
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“Nobody cares how good you are.”


The culture of doing: what you should be getting out of productivity apps …
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“Use technology, don’t let it use you”


10 Inspirational TED Talks Perfect for Anyone Having a Rough Day
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