Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 171

be responsible 100% of the time

Empower yourself and take responsibility for yourself, 100% of the time. ~Mel Robbins.

Time Management

7 tips for managing your schedule like a pro. Have you ever considered using appointment slots?

Optimize time for different meeting types:
→ 10-minute calls are a great way to initially connect with someone or give someone quick advice.
→ 30-minute meeting in the office to get to know someone or catch up

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11 things that will happen when you’re ready to give up a bad habit.

“What I like most about change is that it’s a synonym for “hope”. If you are taking a risk, what you are really saying is, “I believe in tomorrow and I will be part of it.” — Linda Ellerbee

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Un-commit immediately to everything you’re not definite about!! In order to become successful in the first place, you must have incredible focus.

Who you are and what you can do is shaped by your situation.

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Smartphones harm your productivity more than you think. Very enlightening article with results from researchers.

Remind yourself not to depend on smartphones too much because your attention matters more than productivity.

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The 3 A’s of Awesome

You always have a choice, dwell on the the pain or face the future. The outcome depends on your ATTITUDE.
Seeing everything for the first time makes you AWARE of your surroundings.
Being congruent makes you AUTHENTIC.

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