Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 166

be loyal to your future

Be loyal to your future, not your past.


77 important truths I’ve learned about life. This is a great list. Like the following examples, then study he rest of them.

“It all starts and ends in the mind. The most crucial skill is how you think.”
“Much of what we treat as real is a figment of our collective imagination.”
“Respect people’s time. It’s not something that they can get more of.”

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How these habits can make you more successful — and change your life. Slow down, don’t move to fast.
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Stop setting goals you don’t deeply care about (do things you can sustain).

“Goals take time, hard work, perseverance, and commitment to achieve. It better be worth your time.”

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5 Surprising Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Procrastinate! It is time to find the root of your procrastination. Are you afraid of making mistakes? Problems are opportunities.
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Tom Bilyeu success rules

“DISCOVER the THINGS That GIVE You ENERGY!” – Tom Bilyeu (@TomBilyeu) – Top 10 Rules

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