Do What You Can

Do What You Can

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 165

walk the talk

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

Time Management

The best tips to creating a basic to-do list. This article is short and sweet with some interesting ideas that are worth giving a try.
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3 Recipes for Success. If you have these 3 things in place, you will master any industry. Habits are universal. The people who are true masters of their craft do not see their craft as “outside” of them. For them it’s a lifestyle.
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Stories of rejection from 8 of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Learning from famous people helps you prevent making the same mistakes.
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Inside the psychology of productivity. Focus on progress, not on yo-dos. But not all productivity problems are the result of poor organization, many are psychological.

Productivity, or at least how productive you consider yourself, is surprisingly subjective.
Focus on Progress, Not on To-Dos

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Another inspiring tip from Mel Robbins about Productivity: How to defeat the alarm every morning.

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