Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 160

feeling stuck - overthinking kills your happiness

Felling stuck? Overthinking kills your happiness. Don’t do it.

Time Management

Why Warren Buffett’s 10/10/10 rule will make you insanely successful and wealthy. Learn how to make smart decisions..
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“Don’t believe everything you think.”
The untrue stories we create in our minds need to go. You are in control of your thoughts.
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Busyness creates a cycle of constantly putting off the things most important to us.

Do you confuse busyness with productivity? The Productivity Paradox: Presence vs. Productivity. Why it is better to be “Present” than to be “Productive”.
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3 proven strategies on taking breaks that will help you become more productive, Working for long, uninterrupted hours, day after day, may make you feel productive, but, in reality, it’s likely hurting your performance …
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Until you believe you have options, you’ll continue to feel stuck. ~Sean Stephenson

J.K. Rowling Tweets About feeling stuck, encourages us to persevere when things seem hopeless …
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