Control Your Thinking

Control Your Thinking

Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 16 productivity tips

The one thing over which you have complete control is your thinking. Use it well.
~Brian Tracy

Credibility –

Gaining trust as a new business isn’t easy. This a list of 10 ways to improve your credibility …
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Time Management –

Wise habits to establish regardless of your age. Read the article → 21 time-management habits …
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Productivity –

Do you know the value of your time? It is time to re-evaluate if you are using your time the most effective way. Use the 80/20 Rule of Time Management and stop wasting your time …
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Motivation –

Planning to reach your goals with these 2 most powerful words will help you achieve them …
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Inspiration –

mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness exercises you can do in the office

  1. List your accomplishments daily
  2. Do you want to be more open? Understanding? → Create “to-be” lists!
  3. Breathe deeply with eyes closed and both feet on the floor
    Spend 3 minutes thinking only of what you hear and feel (the fabric of your clothes, for example).
  4. Take 20 minutes for a device-free brainstorming session.

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