Awesome Productivity Tips – Issue 146

be lead by your dreams

Don’t be pushed by your problem,
be lead by your dreams. ~Billy Cox

Time Management

“Simply writing the tasks down will make you more effective”

Your to-do list has a major flaw (and actions you can take now to make it more effective) …
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50 Ways to live on your own terms …

  • Stop eating sugar. Study after study is showing that refined sugar is worse for our brains than it is for our waistlines.
  • Everyday to something that you are afraid to do.
  • Replace carbs with healthy fats.
  • Buy a small place rather than rent.
  • Reinvent yourself every year.
  • “If you have more than three priorities, then you don’t have any.” — Jim Collins

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If you have to cut your sleep to be effective, your priorities are out of order. Tim Ferriss: You can train yourself to sleep less. But the bestselling author and productivity expert thinks you shouldn’t …
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How to focus: 5 ways to overcome distractions at work …
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Inspiration –

Learn how to turn fear into an asset instead of a liability. This video by Mel Robbins is amazing:
Mel Robbins: Fear is not a problem


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