the fastest way to stress relieveWith the holidays just around the corner, stress is on the increase not just at work, but also at home in the family. At family get-togethers politics might prove to be a very divisive topic and tempers might flare up.

How many times have you wished that you had something up your sleeve that would help you calm yourself down, so that you can handle all the hubbub? Do you know that there is such a magic tool? I call it Reboot Tapping, but is has many other names mainly Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short or FasterEFT.

The cool thing about this tool is that you don’t even have know why you are so stressed or what is causing this stress. You also don’t need to go out and buy something as you will be using your fingers.

The most important part for using this tool is to focus on your problem and then ask yourself how you feel about the problem and where in your body you feel it? Then just follow the instructions below.

Reboot Tapping

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