How many times have you been told to hustle and then tried to figure out what that exactly means? Even if only you have a vague idea, you might associate it with a negative action. Yes, honest people can and do also hustle. There are a lot of successful people out there, with good morals, who have mastered hustling and are reaping big rewards. Hustling, by definition, is not a crime even though criminal acts are often associated with hustling, but success is, too.

hustle mentality

To hustle means not just to reach, but crush, your goals.
~Mario Andretti

Hustling is the art of earning something from seemingly nothing. Hustlers don’t wait until they have something, they go out and get it.

A hustler is someone whose ambition and aspirations line up together.

The Hustle Mentality

So what exactly is the hustle mentality?

  • It’s a commitment to get ahead, no matter what and to never give up when faced with insurmountable challenges.
  • It’s a resourcefulness and creativity in finding new methods of success.
  • When you adopt and embrace the many facets of the hustle mentality, you’ll set yourself up to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Have a Hustle Mindset of action and persistence

Tips to develop a hustle mindset:

  • Be innovative and resourceful.
  • Be willing to ask for help, don’t do everything yourself.
  • Be willing to say no to a project when it is not aligned with your vision.
  • Become an expert in human psychology.
  • Believe in an idea or vision that is bigger than the person you see when you look in the mirror.
  • Refuse to accept the status quo and strive to constantly challenge it.
  • Accept rejection and use it to your advantage. It is a motivator that drives you to work harder and succeed.
  • Do something in spite of being told it could not be done.
  • Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Without proper planning – if things fall apart – you’ll be left with yolk on your face.
  • Recognize that you have to prepare for future challenges and plan to make changes, rather than expect that everything will go according to plan. Your resourcefulness is vital to reaching your goals.
  • Analyze the other person’s reactions of how they feel about the situation. By understanding the social dynamics you are now able to use your influence intelligently. It’s not about the number of contacts you make, but about the number of smart contacts you make.
  • Life is unpredictable. Familiarize yourself with many different fields, so that when new circumstances arise, you’ll be ready.
  • There are ways to bend rules without breaking them, and almost every maze has a shortcut if you do your research. Just do your research.

say yes

Hustle Action means putting in the work

Tips to develop a hustle actions:

  • If you see an opportunity, jump at it. Don’t wait. Even if you aren’t the most qualified for the task, commit yourself to it, fully and absolutely. No restraints.
  • Let others know what you’re capable of, but don’t fully flaunt your killer instinct until the right situation presents itself.
  • Never expose your “hand” to people around you. Sometimes it’s better to downplay your own potential to certain people to maximize your leverage. In some situations you’ll want to flaunt a certain savviness with regard to a field you’re currently lacking. Most of the professional world manifests itself like a game, one where strategy is key.
  • Be willing to fail and risk everything to achieve your dreams and achieve the life you see for yourself and the world.
  • Always conduct yourself with a quiet confidence.  You may not always be the best suited for a specific task, but others don’t need to know that. First impressions can only go so deep, so your physical appearance is key. Body language is just as important as any tailored suit. Be comfortable.
  • Spend time mastering whatever you choose to do, in private, before experimenting out in the wild.
  • Value smart work over hard work.

Hustle Persistence means never giving up

Tips to develop a hustle persistence:

  • Nobody is born successful. You become that way through ambition and persistence. Have a goal and focus on building rapport rather than selling up front. Really listen to what the other person says instead of only thinking about your pitch.
  • Reaching your goals isn’t an easy or simple process. It is all about adopting and embracing the hustle mentality through innovation, resourcefulness, doing the work and never quitting.

Do you do what it takes? What part of the hustle mentality
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