Apply Critical Thinking to Your Business

What is critical thinking, why do you need it and how can it help you in your business and life? Definition of Critical Thinking Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe. … [Continue Reading …]

Overcoming Procrastination With Ease

Procrastination can be an excuse for not doing something, or because the timing is just not quite right yet, or you don’t have all your “ducks in row” yet. Don’t beat yourself up over being a procrastinator, rather look for … [Continue Reading …]

Productivity According to Brendon Burchard

Productivity according to Brendon Burchard: Activity disjointed from strategy or purpose is just distraction. There is a difference between busywork and your life’s work. Focus now! Be intentional! This moment can the be start to something magical.   … [Continue Reading …]

What If Your Business Was An Athlete Competing In the Olympics?

Currently the Olympics are taking place in Sochi, Russia and that got me thinking when I came across this article from the Kennedy Glazer newsletter. Has it ever occurred to you to use the strategies in your business that Olympic athletes … [Continue Reading …]