sleeping in your birthday suit

13 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked (According to Science)

Do you hate the feeling of clothes rubbing and chafing against your skin as you sleep? Do you enjoy the freedom of letting it all hang out?

According to science, it’s actually good for you to sleep naked. Aside from the fact that it’s just comfortable, there are a ton of health benefits to not trapping heat, dirt and sweat against your skin for hours at a time. You can increase your fertility; you can boost your immune system. It’s crazy stuff.

Sleeping in the nude can also do surprising things for your brain chemistry. If you struggle with stress, anxiety, insomnia or plain old self-confidence issues, tossing aside your PJs can do a world of good.

Are you still unconvinced? Here’s an infographic from SnoreMentor that can tell you more. Made by sleep experts, it offers 13 real-world, research-backed reasons why you should consider your birthday suit for your next snooze.

13 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked

Infographic by the snoring experts at SnoreMentor sleep naked


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