Simple 45 Minute Tip to Success

Simple 45 Minute Tip to Success

45 minutes

Every journey or goal starts with the first step. You do not get to the end the first day.

Reaching your goal is often overwhelming and can stop you before you even start.

So, how do you work around this?

Break down your goals into easy and simple steps that you can easily accomplish. By starting small and with something you already know how to do, the pressure is off and you overcome the resistance that will hold you captive in in-action.

But success in 45 minutes still sounds too simple to work, there must be a trick for it to work.

There is no magic and no trick involved. Read to the end and discover why it works.

Follow these 3 Steps

  1. Every day work uninterrupted for 45 minutes on a task that will bring you closer to your goal.
  2. After the 45 minutes are up, move on to another task and do not think about it again until the next day.
    But while you are working on the current task eliminate all thoughts of other things you need or should do.
  3. Never skip ahead and do another important task because the one you are working on is either too difficult, too boring or not what you feel like doing. Work through these feelings by taking just one step. Little children can’t run before they can stand and walk.

Why this System Works

Here comes the magic that is no magic. This system works because by only working on a specific task once a day and give it your all for 45 minutes every day, you create a habit and then the cumulative effect kicks in. Every day you build on what you did the day before.

You start out as a novice and progress to intermediate and by the end when you have reached your goal you are a master.