Self-Care Is Self-Respect

Self-Care Is Self-Respect


I came across these 20 tips to take care of yourself and it reminded me how easy it is to see faults in others and then help them, but we tend to forget ourselves. You have to be the best you can be to really help others.

20 tips to take care of yourself today

  1. Forgive yourself for small mistakes.
  2. Ask someone you look up to, to mentor you.
  3. Leave 15 minutes in your day as white space.
  4. Listen to at least three songs you love each day.
  5. When you feel your self-esteem start to slip, write a love letter to yourself.
  6. Journal every night.
  7. Resist pressure to spend your free time in a way that pleases others.
  8. Give yourself permission to experience your emotions.
  9. Do something creative each day.
  10. Give yourself three compliments each morning.
  11. Don’t attempt to do everything yourself.
  12. Learn to receive compliments
  13. Cultivate gratitude.
  14. Learn to say NO.
  15. Take deep breaths when you are angry, stressed, or afraid.
  16. Eat something delicious each day without guilt.
  17. Listen to the way you speak to yourself.
  18. Take note of one thing you love about your body each day.
  19. Set boundaries.
  20. Learn to meditate.

I also created a PDF with the full information. You can download the PDF here.

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