I just found out, that by January 15, 95% of people have already broken their New Year’s Resolutions. Are you one of the 95% or one of the 5%?

do you keep your resolutions?
do you keep your resolutions?

Most people find it difficult to stick to their resolutions, but if you are a polymath (a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning) like me, that makes it even harder as I am always juggling a gazillion projects at once and my brain goes madly off in many directions.

To stick to your resolutions:

  1. You have to be extremely motivated because you have WHY with a vision or
  2. Find a way to be held accountable. You need someone to help you stick to your resolution and gently nudge you back when you have gone off track.

1] What’s your WHY?

To make it easier to be motivated and stick to your resolutions you need to have a WHY.

When you have a WHY for your resolution and a vision of having achieved it connected to it, you will stick to your resolution, because you just can’t imagine failing. The WHY tells you that achieving this goal will make your life better.

Your WHY combined with your vision will pull you through rough days and allows you to keep going.

Why do we find it so hard to stick to our resolutions? There are 2 main reasons.

2] Being held accountable

Very few people are motivated enough to stick to a plan and hold themselves accountable.

It is very hard to follow the plan even when you have your priorities straight and know the benefits of sticking to your set course. You can easily get off track from pursuing your goal even if the goal you set is something you can realistically accomplished.

Trying to do it all alone can turn into a disaster. Having an accountability partner who can keep you on track; who you can bounce ideas off or sometimes just talking out loud about your problem to a sympathetic ear can help you find solutions.

3] Remember that tomorrow is another day…

When you get off track and you want to beat yourself up once again for having failed, don’t. Figure out why it happened and chalk it up to experience. Then the next day start fresh!

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