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Overthinking is like having an earworm constantly playing in your head. According to Buddhism, overthinking is all about learning the art of acceptance and letting go. You can read the full article on Idea Pod HERE.

“THINKING cannot be stopped. Not that it does not stop, but it cannot be stopped. It stops of its own accord.”

“Watch — don’t try to stop. There is no need to do any action against the mind. In the first place, who will do it? It will be mind fighting mind itself. You will divide your mind into two; one that is trying to boss over — the top-dog — trying to kill the other part of itself, which is absurd. It is a foolish game. It can drive you crazy. Don’t try to stop the mind or the thinking — just watch it, allow it. Allow it total freedom. Let it run as fast as it wants. You don’t try in any way to control it. You just be a witness. It is beautiful!”


Overthinker Type

Do you know what kind of overthinker you are? Can you see yourself in one of these descriptions?

  • Chronic Overthinker 
  • Analyser or Ruminator Overthinker
  • Casual or Situation Specific Overthinker

4 of 7 Signs your overthinking needs attention

  1. Worrywart
  2. Physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted
  3. Waking up in the middle of the night and your mind is racing a mile a minute and you can’t fall back asleep.
  4. Micromanaging your life and the life of others.

Check out this link with all 7 signs now.

It’s not as bad as it sound. There are a few things you can do to bring peace and sanity back into your life.

6 of 12 tips to stop overthinking

  1. Train yourself to become aware that you are overthinking.
  2. Remember that you are the boss of your mind.
  3. Distract yourself. I go for a 20 minute walk and let things sort themselves out.
  4. Whenever possible don’t double think your decisions
  5. You mind is like a TV, just change the channel.
  6. Use Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule

For the rest of the tips go HERE. Thank you Richard to telling me about your post.

Here are more tips to stop overthinking:

I personally have a tendency towards overthinking and use many of these tips myself.
Let me pay it forward and help you be in charge of your mind and your life.
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