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You have more control than you think you have. Here are just a few tips from this helpful article at for productivity, email, asking for introductions and meetings.


  • Never add new tasks in front of the queue, add them to the bottom.
  • If it’s not on the calendar, don’t do it. Don’t assume that you will be working on something unless it is on your calendar.
  • Take care of yourself. Take breaks during the day and take time off to rejuvenate.


  • It is a beast. You need to rule it or it will rule you.
  • Master the art of the short email — two to three sentences or paragraphs max. Check how it looks on mobile. If you scroll a lot, it’s too long. Use the least number of words possible and iterate on the emails before sending them out.

Asking for introductions

  • Connect and continuously build and expand your network on LinkedIn.
  • Always find relevant people and never ask for open-ended intros.
  • Master forwardable emails. For someone to intro you, send them a brief and clean email addressed to the target, so they can forward it and add their part. This makes it easy to do the intro.

Scheduling meetings

  • Get efficient at scheduling meetings by creating pre-defined time slots for different types of meetings in your calendar.
  • Always propose three to four specific times for a meeting, depending on the type of meeting, and fit it into available time slot.

In the meeting

  • Don’t be late. It is rude. Be a bit early.
  • Know the purpose of the meeting, and get to the point.
  • Don’t just pitch, listen. Most business deals are closed not with a lot of talking, but with a lot of listening. Don’t talk past the other person, hear what they are saying. Ask questions.

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