What do you do when there just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day to get it all done? Some times you seem to manage your time easily and other times at the end of the day you just feel like you did not accomplish much.

Do you have a system to stay productive? I came across these 33 productivity tips on a Slideshare presentation and found them very helpful.

productivity tips
productivity tips

Here are just a few tips. Read all the tips at Ethos3.com

  • Work in short burst. You can do more in less time, if you’re focused and energized. via @HuffingtonPost
  • Have someone to keep you accountable. The pressure may be enough to keep you firmly on track. via @AskMen
  • Finish your least favorite task first. This will encourage you to get to the stuff you enjoy doing. via @dailymuse
    Note that this is counter to what is most taught, but give it a try and see if it works for you.
  • Turn important tasks into habits. The habitual routine will make the work feel comfortable. via @CreativityPost
  • Delegate tasks when possible. Use the extra time to focus on larger goals. via #EntMagazine
  • Reduce your to-do list to only 2-3 items. Keep it simple and avoid becoming overwhelmed. via @copyblogger
  • Make some time for wasting time. Schedule your breaks so they don’t turn into lengthy procrastination. via @mashable

Do you need help implementing some of the steps?
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