Is there a secret to overcoming procrastination? Yes, there is. You can overcome procrastination, but it will take some work. Learn to eliminate it as it is a handicap to running a successful business.
now or later
Sometimes it happens without you even being aware that it is happening. You start your day with all the intentions of being productive. You even have a to-do list and are ready to go, but something goes wrong? Instead of starting with your highest priority task, most often a task you don’t particularly want to do, you start with a task that appeals more to you. Unfortunately, that task has is often very low on the priority list and does not contribute to you making money.

Why does this happen?

  • Your are waiting for the right mood
  • You are disorganized
  • You don’t have a plan or strategy
  • You lack clear goals
  • You are missing the skills necessary
  • You are a perfectionist

The difference between a disorganized and an organized person is that when you are organized you have a to-do list and a schedule. Every task has a deadline, a time-frame associate with it.

How to Overcome the Challenges

Start with strategies and systems. By when do you want to have it accomplished? How will you feel once you have accomplished it? How will you feel, if once again, you are not where you imagined you will be?

Now start with the end in mind, your laser clear vision

  • Break it down into goals
  • Then create a step-by-step plan for each goal
    • a yearly plan
    • a monthly plan
    • a weekly plan
    • a daily plan

time management
By breaking down each goal into smaller task, you will not get overwhelmed by the immensity of it all. Become a master of scheduling. Don’t spend a whole day on one task. Set a timer and start with the most important or the unpleasant task on your to-do list first. Once the timer goes of and you are on a roll, set it again and keep on going. If you are struggling with the task, take a break from it and move on to the next task on your list. Once that one is done, go back to the first task. Sometimes just taking a break is helpful. Repeat for the tasks on your to-do list.

Setup a reward system for yourself. It is like giving yourself a pat on your shoulder. You decide on the reward. Maybe a smaller reward for individual tasks. At the end of the day for what you have accomplished and so on for the week, month and year.

Whatever you do, be aware of the cost of your time. Would it be more cost effective to have somebody else do a certain task rather than you? Outsource what somebody else could do more easily and cheaply. What is your time worth? Figure it out and stop doing everything that worthless. You will be happier and more productive and your business will become more successful.

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